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Attention Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement

Last October, Blue Cross Blue Shield companies reached a class action settlement with subscribers related to licensing agreements within the Blue Cross and Blue Shield System. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield System is strong and will continue to provide national leadership with exceptional networks – such as Blue High Performance NetworkSM, digital tools, and personalized care support. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota has been a part of the community for 85 years. Our commitment to exceptional service levels and dedication to improving access to quality healthcare has never been stronger. That is validated with more people saying they would recommend Blue Cross and Blue Shield coverage over any other major health insurer in the U.S.

Class Notice

The class notice campaign ("Class Notice") is intended to ensure that individuals and companies that may be members of the Damages Class are aware of their rights, know where they can learn about the settlement, and file a claim for payment. Class Notice and all corresponding resources are managed by the plaintiffs, through their notice and claims administrator, JND Legal Administration.

Individuals or groups who have questions about the settlement, including whether they may be a member of the damages class and eligible for a payment, should use one of three resources to find out more:

  1. The settlement website is

  2. The toll-free settlement hotline is 1-888-681-1142

  3. The email address is

Download the full PDF below:

Download • 137KB

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