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Trust in Benefit Innovations—Your Compliance Team

Our job is to keep your organization and employees safe. We're sure you've heard that compliance requirements for employee benefit plans have increased exponentially in recent years. This increase in government regulation has greatly impacted employee benefit administration.


Benefit Innovations’ knowledge on pending and emerging legislation is at your disposal. We provide you with the necessary information on changes in compliance requirements and offer consultation in meeting compliance obligations.

ACA Compliance

& Testing

IRS Section 6056

1094C Filings

1095C Filings


Transitional Fees

FTE Tracking

Employee Benefits & HR Attorney

Employment Law


Benefit Design


Self-Funded Designs


Employee Handbooks

Plan Design & Compliance

COBRA/MN Continuation





Section 125


Election Forms (Online)


I-9, W-4 Forms


Benefit Innovations is your professional source for navigating through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). All benefit plans are subject to the regulatory implications of the ACA.  Benefit Innovations partners with State and National experts who provide continual guidance on Health Care Reform compliance.  HR360, an HR Library, provides our customers with ACA compliance articles, updates, and alerts.  

We Are Health Care Reform Certified


We also provide COBRA services in-house, free of charge. 

Initial Notice Reimbursement • Qualifying Event Form • Election of COBRA/MN Continuation

• Eligibility Tracking • 6-Month Mandatory Conversion Notice • Termination Criteria and Implementation • Insurance Carrier Notifications • Premium Billing, Tracking • ​Employer Reimbursement 

COBRA/MN Continuation Administration

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